Prospective study of technological and market trends in the field of quantum photonics

The mandate

At a virtual event specially organized by the Optonique Pole of Excellence and the Quantum Institute of the Sherbrooke University on the positioning of Quebec in the current quantum revolution, Innovitech was invited, as an expert speaker, to present the results of a technological and commercial prospective study of the field of quantum photonics. Based on the results of the research work, a global portrait of geographic, technological and commercial trends and a lookout for future innovations in the field were presented to better guide decision-makers in investing in this high-potential sector.


The achievements

    • Collection of a documentary corpus of nearly 50,000 documents, including scientific articles, patents, collaborative industrial projects, technical journals and economic literature from the web ;
    • Analysis and synthesis of the results of the watch in the form of graphs, tables, semantic clusters and a web of international groupings showing the major trends and relevant statistics of the sector ;
    • A record completion time in the space of 3 weeks.


The results

The results focused on a portrait of the most strategic geographical areas, the key academic and industrial public and private players, as well as an overview of the latest technological trends and applications in the field of quantum photonics.