The mandate

Innovitech has been mandated to complete a global comparative analysis of innovation clusters specializing in the civil and commercial UAV sector to support CED in developing its positioning strategy in the face of the evolution of these main national and international centers of excellence.


The approach

Following a rigorous local and global benchmarking study, Innovitech began evaluating the CED’s strategic development projects and their alignment with priority government action levers in a crisis exit strategy. At the end of the mandate, a written report summarizing the key findings, including the dynamism of the sector targeted by the CED, the major areas of application identified and the strategic analysis forming the basis of the strategic positioning plan, was submitted to the CED team.


The results

    • More than ten (10) relevant innovation clusters analyzed locally and internationally
    • A series of strategic recommendations formulated to ensure a Strategic Positioning of the CED on different components (Avenues of Collaboration, Conditions for Success, Roadmap, Partnerships, etc.).