The mandate

Innovitech was mandated to undertake prospecting on behalf of the College de Rosemont in order to identify partners of common interest whose complementary strengths would contribute to the structuring and full development of its mobilizing project “The Crossroads of Sustainable Innovation”.


The approach

Innovitech has been in contact with nearly fifteen (15) organizations in order to identify and structure relevant avenues of collaboration around promising projects that will enable the Customer’s bold vision to become a reality. At the end of the mandate, a written report summarizing the key findings, strategic recommendations and identification of action levers (i.e.: funding sources, etc.) was submitted to the College de Rosemont’s team.


The results

    • Nearly six structuring collaborative projects identified during the stages of mobilization of the territory’s key socio-economic actors. The characterization of the projects integrated various parameters, including: key partners, needs met, expected results, services offered, human and material resources required, funding avenues, etc. The projects were characterized by the following parameters
    • A series of strategic recommendations to ensure the successful implementation of the projects and integrating conditions for success and points of vigilance on several components (i.e.: Governance structure, Selection and planning of collaborative projects, Degree of financial autonomy, Community animation and partnership management).

College de Rosemont