The mandate

For many years, CRIAQ has been involved in the innovation ecosystem of Quebec and Canada and has played a major role in the development of cutting-edge technologies financially supported by numerous programs and strategic initiatives aimed at the competitiveness of the aerospace industry. Innovitech’s experts have been working for several years with CRIAQ and its partner NRC-IRAP, to deploy and implement the Acceleration-Innovation program developed by CRIAQ and which supports SMEs and start-ups within the Quebec aerospace ecosystem.


This program aims to accompany Start-ups and SMEs in the ecosystem in :

      • Formalize a more robust R&D and innovation strategy aligned with a market strategy
      • Identify and confirm short, medium and long term revenue opportunities
      • Stimulate product and service innovations associated with renewed business models
      • Develop partnership and network development strategies
      • Encouraging the development of innovation management skills and competencies
      • Link and connect with support and funding partners
      • Strengthen the long-term positioning and integration of companies in globalized supply chains


This coaching program consists of an iterative, multi-step process, integrating all technical, commercial, human and operational factors, combining several stages of analysis and decision-making, in order to transform the full potential of new technologies into a stream of competitive advantages for the company.


The achievements

      • On the basis of the methodology developed by CRIAQ, Innovitech Inc. has enriched the work practices to adapt them to the context of each company, with an approach of close collaboration with the managers and teams in place.
      • In 2019-20, more than 23 technology companies (SMBs and Start-ups) have been accompanied by the program throughout Quebec and Canada to refine their development strategy, identify business opportunities and, most importantly, plan their technological and commercial roadmap.
      • Nearly 80% of the companies that participated in the last edition of the program were active in the development of digital technologies (AI, VR, AR, MR, etc.).
      • The program continues to support between 10 and 20 SMEs and start-ups per year since 2014.


The impact

CRIAQ’s testimony:

“We wish to testify to the professionalism that the Innovitech team has demonstrated in the field: the rigour, expertise, know-how and ability to communicate and mobilize diverse players, really accelerate the innovation of several partners in the CRIAQ ecosystem.”

Testimonials from companies that have benefited from the program :

“The CRIAQ and Innovitech teams were extremely present, professional, collaborative and guiding. We are privileged to work with these teams who have an external perspective but who act as if it were their project. They make us think, deepen our strategies, objectives and methods and ensure that we are well oriented to achieve success. We thank them!”

“Team with a lot of experience and connections in diverse business verticals, much appreciated!”

“Excellent dynamic, very human and personalized approach!”

“The CRIAQ program and the Innovitech team have opened many doors for me. Among other things, they allowed me to see the full potential of my company and the possibility of expanding my research and development expertise to other levels. The contacts that were suggested to me will help me establish new and promising business partnerships!”

    • 100% of post-program survey respondents would recommend the Program to other entrepreneurs
    • 100% of respondents to the post-program survey attest that the Program is advantageously different from or complementary to other support programs (Incubation/Acceleration)