Outsourced management

Empowering ecosystems

Innovitech provides outsourcing services, including the management and operation of ecosystems, as well as recruitment and retention of specialized staff. Organizations with highly specialized needs find it more useful and cost effective to delegate these functions to us. Our teams of experts carry out the administrative, logistical and operational tasks for the development of innovation ecosystems.

  • Leadership

  • Executive Duties


    • Strategic planning
    • Business development
    • Financial statements and annual budgets
    • Governance, control and audits
    • Policies and procedures
    • Accountability
  • Project management

  • Innovation Support


    • Coordination of activities and resources
    • Project charter and specifications
    • Specialized training
    • Financing requests
    • Contracts, patents and intellectual property
  • Administration

  • Administrative Services


    • Accounting and finance
    • Recruitment and Staffing
    • People management and culture
    • Information technology
    • Administrative support
    • Workspace rentals
    • Reception

  • Communication

  • Communication Services


    • Consulting
    • Community management
    • Events
    • Media, public and government relations
    • Content creation
    • Marketing strategy
    • Daily coordination

Turnkey solution

We take on the core tasks of ecosystems to accelerate their growth. Our clients can therefore focus their own efforts on critical activities, reducing their operating costs. Our expertise facilitates their ability to innovate by promoting the best management of their resources.

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