Anticipating and positioning oneself 

We help our customers who are strongly oriented towards technological innovation to master the key factors of commercial success and value creation through the wise deployment of applications and the faster adoption of new technologies.

We help you to better understand the key drivers of local and international innovation and wealth creation systems in order to better position your entrepreneurship and technological development projects.  We facilitate the valorization of your intellectual and intangible assets through successful collaborative innovation strategies and projects in the face of rapidly changing innovation cycles and the growing complexity induced by emerging technologies.

You are

Large company or innovative SME

Start-up strongly focused on cutting-edge technological innovations

Public or parapublic organization for research and/or support for technological and commercial innovation

Grouping of innovative sector players

Your needs

  • Identify the next waves of cutting-edge technology in order to better position your innovation strategy and define the types of innovation required
  • Acquire, integrate, develop and commercialize technological innovations and identify the best mechanisms to protect related intellectual property.
  • Stimulate and secure the performance of the technologies you wish to develop
  • Adapt your innovation program and project management methods and reorganize your teams towards greater efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Map and improve your competitive positioning in the face of emerging players and technologies
  • Develop and synchronize your innovation processes at your own pace and according to your maturity.
  • Develop new skills and adopt best practices in collaborative and open innovation management
  • Create a leadership model and culture that fosters innovation and resilience in your organization.

Our services

  • Strategy and avenues for technological innovation
  • Best practices in collaborative project management
  • Technology transfer and valorization
  • Intellectual Property strategy
  • R&D strategy, development of innovative products and services
  • Emerging and collaborative business models
  • Monitoring and screening of technologies and applications

Our success stories

Optonique Propective study