Support, execute and achieve your vision

We offer outsourcing services including the management and operation of innovative ecosystems, as well as the recruitment and retention of their staff. By offering more cost-effective solutions to these organizations with highly specialized and/or ad hoc needs, our teams of experts and professionals carry out all the administrative, financial, logistical, operational, development and outreach activities required to ensure their sustainability and growth. Our clients can therefore focus their efforts on conducting their core business, while reducing their operating costs and shortening deployment times.

You can benefit from a wide range of proven services, on demand or turnkey; from the management of specific programs to the integral management of your asset portfolio. Our services also include the leasing of strategically positioned real estate spaces, in contact with other innovative organizations.

You are

Innovation hub or consortium of partners emerging / in the process of creation

Large local or international company

Startup or innovative SME

Managers of innovation or innovation support programs

Entity specialized in high technology investment

Your needs

  • Create a sectoral or territorial collaborative innovation entity
  • Entrust the management of your activities to an experienced and seasoned team in order to devote yourself to your core business.
  • Obtain personalized and proactive support to operationalize and accelerate your implementation in Quebec.
  • Develop new structuring programs to support your members and partners that will perpetuate your ecosystem.
  • Attract and retain your members and partners through a dynamic and competitive marketing, event and communication programming.
  • Establish yourself in the heart of one of the most vibrant real estate spaces on the Montreal scene, in contact with the key players in Quebec’s innovation scene.

Our services

  • Creation and management of innovation ecosystems (hubs, zones, consortia, clusters, etc.)
  • Creation and management of accelerator/incubator/living labs
  • Program creation and management
  • Animation of innovative ecosystems
  • Square Innovation (innovative co-working)
  • Setting up subsidiaries (soft landing)
  • Coaching of innovative companies and / or organizations
  • Portfolio management of innovative collaborative projects

Our success stories

CRIAQ Acceleration Innovation