Financing, de-risking and accelerating

You are

You are an emerging company at the pre-seed and seed stage complementary to our network and services, or an innovative and bold company for which we can increase value through at least one of the following two differentiators: the Innovitech network, or a potential adaptation of the product or services in our service offering. You are at the right place!

An emerging company at the pre-seed and seed stage

An innovative and audacious company

Your needs

  • Search for funding
  • Acceleration of growth
  • Committed investor with a long-term investment horizon
  • Coaching and opportunities to test your product in a consulting firm

Our services

  • Investment portfolio management
  • Direct investments
  • Strategic networking, network maximization
  • Support for product development
  • Coaching and support for start-up founders

Nos histoires à succès

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