Catalyzing the forces of collaboration

We act as mobilizers, connectors and strategists for different ecosystems and different types of organizations. We work with research and training institutions, as well as with small and large companies, NPOs, specialized investment funds, developers and government.

This knowledge of the different players in the innovation ecosystem and their needs allows us to provoke collaborations and turn your bold ideas into distinctive achievements.

You are

Large company or innovative SME

Start-up company

Public or parapublic organization focused on innovation, local or international

Grouping of local or international socio-economic or sectoral development actors

Local or international knowledge institution (university, college, research center, etc.)

Representatives of a region or agglomeration

Your needs

  • Set up a customized organization and governance model to support innovation
  • Develop, revitalize or broaden the scope of an innovation hub with high growth and outreach potential
  • Integrate existing ecosystems and understand the inner workings of the innovation system (clusters, consortia, hubs, innovation zones, etc.).
  • Energize your region and attract new innovative players with high added value
  • Develop your skills in collaborative program and project management
  • Pool virtual and physical assets in collaborative mode

Our services

  • Strategies for creating and managing innovation hubs
  • Innovative hub upgrade strategies
  • Government Relations / Lobbying
  • Strategic linkage and integration with ecosystems
  • Best practices in innovation program management

Our success stories

College Rosemont ecosystem study
Research and Innovation Consortiums
Concordia positioning in innovation ecosystem