Our services

From the conception to the fruition of Innovation

We are the strategists, mobilizers, and facilitators for our customers in innovation.

Our collaborative approach provides our clients with an enhanced capacity for innovation and opens new horizons for growth. We do this by helping decision-makers within the private and public sectors deepen their knowledge, surround themselves with the right partners and achieve their vision through our comprehensive list of offered services.

Our distinct strategies showcase the talents and assets of our clients.

We unite and connect qualified partners to create innovation ecosystems.

We operate and nurture our clients’ innovation ecosystems.

Rue Notre-Dame

Innovitech’s Innovation Square

In 2018, Innovitech unveiled Innovation Square: a unique co-working space dedicated to the activities of our customers’ ecosystems. Innovitech’s Innovation Square offers a workplace dedicated to collaborative innovation projects, fostering exchange, outreach, and creativity for its tenants. In addition to hosting our own experts, it houses research consortia, government advisors, a centre of excellence in science and technology and a foundation, among others.